Online Learning during COVID-19

The move to online learning has highlighted the digital divide in South Africa

Our host Puseletso takes us on a journey around South Africa to hear from high school students who have been experiencing both the ups and downs of online learning. The COVID restrictions have turned traditional learning on its head, and put a spotlight on the digital divide that determines who gets to progress and who gets left behind while schools are closed.


At least 463 million – or 31 per cent – of school children worldwide cannot be reached by digital and broadcast remote learning programs enacted to counter school closures, mainly due to a lack of remote learning policies or lack of equipment needed for learning at home. The actual number of students who cannot be reached is likely significantly higher than estimated. In many situations, despite remote learning policies and the presence of the necessary technology at home, children may be unable to learn due to skills gaps among their teachers or a lack of parental support.

Source: UNICEF