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committed to building youth leadership

Our guiding principles

We believe in the power of radio, podcasts, and audio storytelling, and see it as our mission to use these mediums to create opportunities for youth dialogue, leadership, and citizenship in communities across Africa. 

Since its founding as the Children’s Radio Foundation by Elizabeth Sachs in 2006, we have created a network of more than 1700 trained youth radio reporters across five countries in Africa, who broadcast on local and national radio stations and produce podcasts. With our main office in Cape Town, Children’s Radio Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in South Africa, The United States, and The United Kingdom.

The team

International Board of Trustees
Elizabeth Sachs - Founder and Chair Emerita
Linda Barnett - Executive Chair
Charlotte Bannister-Parker - Trustee Emerita
Adé Adigun
Edmund J. Burns
Emmanuelle Parr
Nina Callaghan
Dana DiPrima
Peter Mason
Pamela Michaelcheck - Trustee Emerita
Mike Rahfaldt
Gillian Rose
Bill Siemering
UK Board of Trustees
Emmanuelle Parr - Chair
Sam Bonham
Adé Adigun
Elise Ormerod
South African Board of
Yumna Martin - Chair
Nina Callaghan
Brighton Kaoma
Michal Rahfaldt - ex-Officio
Thando Ntoi - ex-Officio

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