Youth changing
lives and communities
through radio and podcasts

What we do

Radio Workshop trains youth across Africa to make radio and podcasts. We provide the tools and teach the skills. Youth bring us their creativity, local knowledge, and passion for tackling the issues that matter to them and their communities. They are the new generation of African journalists, thought leaders, storytellers, and activists.

Founded in 2006 as the Children’s Radio Foundation, we have trained over 5,000 youth reporters at more than 100 radio stations in 10 countries in Africa, reaching up to 9 million listeners weekly.

Delivered in local languages and in a youth-friendly style, their radio shows weave together personal narratives and information on these issues to create dynamic radio shows. We support them with training, production tools, and mentoring so that their reporting is fact-based, engaging, and responsive to the needs and concerns of their listeners. 

Our podcast brings African youth stories to global audiences. Episodes of the Radio Workshop are distributed across podcast platforms, through international radio broadcast networks, and on radio station partners as free-to-use content. Our podcast brings audiences close to the lives, experiences, and narratives of African youth.

Key focus areas

Our reach




youth trained reporters


listeners across africa


broadcast languages

Youth Radio Programmes

Why radio?

How we work

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    a radio station and community organization partner.
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    members to work as youth project leaders and mentors.
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    to produce and broadcast radio shows and podcasts
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    projects with resources, production guides, and information to enable high quality reporting.
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    report on important issues and broadcast radio shows and create podcasts that stimulate dialogue.
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    youth to opportunities for advancement, and allow them to interact and learn from each other.

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